Your Fall Skin Care To-Do List:
Fall is official here! This is a great time to evaluate the state of your skin.
As you make to-do lists for this busy time of year, below are some to-dos for better skin.
Switch to a more emollient Renewal Facial product. A change in seasons and shift in temperatures can lead to noticeably drier skin. This is a good time to start using a more-emollient Renewal Facial product, like Renewal Facial Cream, to make up for dry air and colder temperatures.
If a heavier cream is too much for the day, try Renewal Facial Lotion in the morning and Renewal Facial Cream at night. For even better hydration and to help undo some of the visible post-summer photo damage, apply Intensive Nourishing Cream at night.
Smooth visible imperfections. Summer sun and heat can leave dead skin build up. Now is the time to use a Lytic product faithfully! Help slough off impurities, oil and dirt to reveal visibly smoother-looking skin.
Lytics are a combination of botanical ingredients, plus azelaic and salicylic acid to help reduce the appearance of bumps and redness that contribute to the look of uneven skin tone.
Tackle unwanted dark spots. It’s easy to get more sun than you intended in the summer, and sometimes it shows up in the skin as unwanted dark spots. While this is a more difficult imperfection to address, Epionce created the MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System to help.
MelanoLyte Tx and MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum Night Tx work in tandem to tackle stubborn and dark spots from all angles. Botanical ingredients like Licorice Extract and Turmeric Extract have been shown to help gently diminish the visible appearance of dark spots without causing irritation.
Make an appointment for a professional peel. A chemical peel from the Epionce Peel System or lunchtime Lite Peel: Refresh can help rejuvenate the appearance of skin and give it a fresh start for the fall! Professional peels can be done in a series, or as a simple lunchtime pick-me-up for brighter, healthier-looking skin.
Apply sunscreen every day. Maybe you’ve heard this a hundred times, but it’s worth repeating. Even if we see less sun in the fall, it’s important to apply sunscreen under your makeup every day. Not only will this help protect your skin to exposure from UV rays that can lead to damage, sunscreen is an effective weapon in your anti-aging arsenal.
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