Is your skin dehydrated, dry or both?

Are you aware that there’s a difference between hydration and moisture?

We’re not always attuned to the condition of our skin and its needs.

Here’s the difference between having “Dry Skin” and having “Dehydrated Skin”


Dehydrated Skin (Lacking Water)

If your skin feels dry, flakes, or is itchy or sensitive, your skin can be considered dehydrated. Environment, hormones and diet are all factors that impact skin hydration.

Try to drink more water, at least (8-10) 8 oz. glasses per day.


Dry Skin (Lacking Oil)

If you have ashy, parched skin, chances are your skin is not producing enough oil. Production levels vary from person to person but more importantly our bodies produce less and less oil as we age.

Use a moisturizer suited for this skin type. It will contain the essential oils/moisture for your skin.