Epionce Essentials For Your Gym Bag

A workout at the gym is great for the body and mind, but what about your skin? Keep these Epionce essentials in your gym bag to help your skin look great after your next gym visit.

Refresh with a Cleanser

Get rid of dirt and sweat by washing your face and body with Lytic Gel Cleanser. This will help skin feel clean and calm after your workout, and help reduce the visible appearance of redness. Plus, it can help get rid of germs you may have picked up from gym equipment.

Banish Blemishes

Spritz Purifying Toner on face and body after your shower for extra blemish control. Target back and chest to help prevent post-workout blemishes that can be aggravated by sweat or friction from clothing. If you don’t have time for a shower after your workout, spray directly on skin to keep it calm and cool, while helping control oil and shine.

Apply a few drops of Lytic Tx to face, chest and back. Salicylic acid in Lytic Tx helps control oil and cleanse pores to help reduce the visible appearance of blemishes and redness.

Restore Hydration

To soothe and moisturize skin after exercise, apply a Renewal Facial product to clean skin on the face and neck. Hydrate the body with Renewal Enriched Body Lotion on arms, legs and torso. These hydrating lotions will help soothe dehydrated skin and calm irritation caused by sweat and heat.