If you haven’t tried Epionce’s Renewal Eye Cream, now is the time. Please come in for FREE sample. The full size retail version is available now (for a limited time) at a special price!

Dark circles, fine lines & dehydrated skin can contribute to the look of aging. Exposure to the sun and natural facial expressions-like smiling and squinting-can aggravate the appearance of skin imperfections around the eye.
Epionce Renewal Eye Cream is formulated similarly to the Renewal facial products, with the same botanical ingredients that help reduce the visible appearance of puffiness, fine lines (crow’s feet) and dark circles.
Date, Meadowfoam and Safflower extracts found in Renewal Eye Cream contain vitamins known for their anti-aging benefits. Botanical extracts also help soothe and calm visible appearance of skin imperfections. Soft-focus technology helps scatter and reflect light from the surface of the skin, to help reduce the visible appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.
The eye cream is optimized for the thinner, more sensitive and delicate area around the eye. The consistency has also been slightly modified from other Renewal facial products so it doesn’t feel heavy or look shiny. When applied to the eye area, the product won’t cause irritation.

If you’re new to the Epionce line, Renewal Eye Cream is a great way to get started, and it’s available now through May 29 at a special price!