One of the most important elements of a daily skin care regimen is sunscreen. The often-overlooked step helps protect against damaging sunburns, prevents signs of aging and of course reduces visible redness.

The Epionce product line contains two great sunscreens that fit any daily regimen for women and men. Epionce Active Shield SPF 30 and Ultra Shield SPF 50 are light-weight and sheer for easy application either under makeup or on their own. Key botanicals help reduce visible redness and protect the skin from damaging effects of sun exposure. Choosing the best Epionce SPF product for you depends on lifestyle and skin needs.

For a normal day at the office or running errands, Active Shield SPF 30 protects against UV radiation that can lead to premature aging. The water-resistant formula is ideal for light to moderate outdoor activity. Active Shield is recommended for all skin types, and goes well under makeup.

More rigorous outdoor activity like swimming, hiking, or running requires the additional protection found in Ultra Shield SPF 50. The very water resistant formula ensures product will work up to 80 minutes in the water before reapplication is necessary, and will provide broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Ultra Shield is recommended for all skin types.

Apply SPF 20-30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every couple of hours for best results. Anything higher than SPF 50 is not necessary or as effective as diligently reapplying product.