If you have a child that is starting to hit puberty and they are concerned about the hair on their body, but you’re hesitant as to what to do. Try introducing them to WAXING.

We have so many parents that ask us, when is the right time to start my child on waxing?

We recommend that you start waxing anywhere between 10 & 12 years of age (around the beginning of puberty).

The reason being is, as the (new) hairs grow in they are very soft and fine, and the root has yet to be established, making it very easy for those fine (virgin) hairs to come out and far less painful for them too. So, before they take to the razor, discuss the options with them. It is far less traumatic when you start them at a young age then it would be after years of shaving.

However, unless you are a trained professional, I would not recommend doing it yourself. Please come in and speak with one of our aestheticians. We will gladly talk to your child and answer any questions you may have.