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Here are some helpful tips for waxing:

You must let the hair (in the area you are waxing) grow to be at least 1/4″ long. This is typically between 4-6 weeks.
This time is to insure that ALL the hair in the area is FULLY grown in, thus giving you the longest and smoothest results from your wax.

Do NOT trim or SHAVE before you come in to be waxed.
So many times we have customers come in a week after they shaved. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a quality wax if the hair is not long enough or has not fully grown in. SO PLEASE DONT DO THIS.

Wear comfortable (lose) clothing, preferably cotton material that breaths. We recommend this for next 12-24 hrs after being waxed. This is to minimize any friction which may cause irritation to the area that’s been waxed.

The area will be sensitive, so we recommend NO working out (to reduce sweating and friction), No hot showers (warm is good), No exfoliating, No tanning and lastly, No sex 🙁 for the first 12-24 hrs. after waxing, so try and schedule your waxing ahead of time.
*Also, DO NOT use any lotions with fragrance on the waxed area or deodorant/antiperspirant on under arms for first 12-24 hrs after being waxed. This too can cause irritation to the area.

For people who are particularly sensitive or experience pain or discomfort during waxing, we recommend that you take 2 ibuprofen (1 hr.) before your appointment. This will help to take the edge off.

Lastly, invest in some which hazel. Its great for a multitude of things. This gentle antiseptic will sooth the area and calm the skin down. Bonus: It can be used as a toner for you face too!!

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